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     J & J Natural Goods


J & J Natural Goods creates beautiful handcrafted gifts from nature. Specializing in walking sticks, with the wood found deep in the forest. I hand-pick only the best wood, along shorelines and fallen tree limbs. I then take it back to my shop to sand and smooth out rough edges. Later I apply a coating over to strengthen and enhance the wood grain's natural beauty. Finally a small amount of leather to added to the top of the walking stick to help with grip and add a classic over-all appearance.

  These walking sticks take hours to complete and my passion for creating just the perfect stick  is a form of artistic expression. I guarantee that your future walks through the forest will be enhanced as you make your way through the trails, steadied by your one-of-a-kind walking stick. No two sticks are the same as there is no mold used, this is authentic hand-carved wood, prepared just for you. So, if you love nature as much as I do then these walking sticks are for you, or if you know someone who does...this would be a unique gift!


Thank you for visiting my page. If you should have any further questions please feel free to email, call, or text me. My exclusive collection of walking sticks are only $25.00 each and available for purchase at Revitalizing Touch Therapeutic Massage's studio, or if you choose to have one mailed to you please contact me by phone.

  Jason Stoddard, Craftsman






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