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"I went in for my second pre-natal massage with Kat and let her know my feet were bothering me. Up until this point I was not full term so she avoided the feet, since it can cause labor. This time however she spent a good portion of our time working on my feet. The picture shows the left foot which she worked on first, look at the difference! Three days later they still feel amazing! It truly was such a relief to have the pressure relieved from my swollen feet. This far into pregnancy many parts of the body start becoming uncomfortable but my feet have been bothering me most and in one visit I feel so much better."  Julie, Lodonderry NH


 "The atmosphere was very warm, clean, and inviting. Your hands and music worked perfectly together to relax me. I've decided that massages are a part of my life now!" Kimberley T, Goffstown NH


 "After a one hour massage with Kat, I can't remember the stress that brought me there!" Jason, Pembroke NH


 "I feel like a new man after one of your massages; it helps my aching back a great deal!" Edmond V, Goffstown NH

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